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Post  TinyHandsOfConcrete on Mon Mar 25, 2013 11:16 pm

Sebastian Vettel should be slapped with a one-race suspension for disobeying team orders according to former McLaren racer John Watson.

The triple champion waited until teammate Mark Webber turned his engine down on the orders of his team and then surged past 10 laps from home to take victory. Even though Vettel apologised afterwards to team and driver he emerges from the second round with the lead in the world championship and the extra seven points that could make him champion in such a tightly contested series. Boss Christian Horner faces accusations that he has lost control of his champion driver. And team advisor Helmut Marko said as much, commenting the team had lost control of the warring duo.

"The only purposeful way to bring Vettel to book is to say 'you will stand out one race'," Watson told BBC Radio 4. "I know that if other drivers in other teams disobeyed a team order they would be suspended or even fired. If Christian Horner doesn't reassert his authority in the team - because he has been totally subjugated by Sebastian Vettel yesterday - then his position in the team is not exactly the role it is designed to be. The only conclusion I can reach is that Vettel should be suspended for the next Grand Prix.

You can't take the points away from him and give them to Mark Webber - that's now history and Sebastian has the benefit of those seven additional points. You can't really fine him, it is almost irrelevant to fine him, so the only purposeful way to bring him to book is to say 'you will stand out one race'."

Red Bull cancelled the usual team victory photograph after the race and had problems making Webber agree to get on the podium with Vettel. Horner has said there are further discussions planned with Vettel.

Ex Ferrari and McLaren driver Gerhard Berger said the actions of the triple champion were characteristic of all the sport’s greatest drivers.

"To win a world championship three or four times you have to be very selfish," he told BBC Radio 5 live. "These boys have such a big killer instinct, they cannot follow their brain and they just do what their instinct tells them. This is part of Vettel's success and nobody, no team mate, no team chief, will change it."


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