League agrees nets will get extra big - in extra time

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League agrees nets will get extra big - in extra time

Post  TinyHandsOfConcrete on Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:47 pm

SunSport can reveal The Football League has approved a controversial plan proposed by sponsors Capital One, aimed at increasing entertainment.
From next season all Capital One Cup matches will feature extendible goals, which increase in size when teams are level after 90 minutes. It is hoped the move will encourage more attacking football during extra time, when players are affected by fatigue and the threat of an impending penalty shoot-out.

A similar sponsor-led campaign for bigger goalposts gained some support ahead of the 1994 World cup in the United States, before FIFA eventually rejected it under pressure from traditionalists.

However, League bosses and Capital One have solved the problem by guaranteeing the controversial goalposts will only be wheeled out for extra-time. Under new competition rules, the goal posts will be extended by 50 per cent immediately after the full-time whistle. If no goal has been scored after the first period of extra time, then they will be extended further until double the original size. Football League bosses sanctioned the new goalposts for next season, at the request of US-based competition sponsors Capital One.

Executives at the credit card company were bowled over by the success of the first season of the cup but wanted the tournament to follow other US-based sports, which avoid ties at all costs. A Football League spokesman said: “We feel this is a really exciting innovation, and are delighted to be able to make this happen in the Capital One Cup next season.”

However the new rules have not been welcomed by some players.Bradford’s Matt Duke, who faced more periods of extra-time than any other player last year, was the first to try out the new goals. But the 6ft 5in keeper gave the giant posts a MASSIVE thumbs down. The hero of Bradford’s epic Wembley cup adventure rapped: “It’s yet another rule-change designed to make life tougher for goalies. First they banned us from picking up backpasses and made us use our feet! Then it was match-balls, as light as beach balls, which swerve all over the place. Now they want to tamper with the size of the goalposts. It’s a joke! Imagine the damage Robin van Persie is going to do if he has a 16-yard goal to aim at!

Under test conditions I was diving at full stretch in the 50 per cent bigger posts and the ball was still beating me... by yards. In the double-sized goals it was farcical. I couldn’t have reached the majority of shots if I’d been on roller-skates! It borders on being anti-goalie and I think it’s shocking they’re pushing this through so soon. They say it’s only going to be for the Capital One Cup competition. But how long before we see it introduced to the World Cup finals?”

Michael Woodburn of Capital One said:“We look forward to seeing the new goal posts in operation during the first round in August.”

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/football/4868035/Capital-One-Cup-will-make-goals-bigger-if-ties-need-extra-time.html#ixzz2PCfhKpgp

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